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Here at Tnuno, we aim to give everyone a delectable dining experience.

We serve only the freshest food ranging from Filipino grill food favorites. 


I’ve always dreamt of putting a place where everyone, especially tourists coming to Baggao Cagayan

could unwind and enjoy not only the beautiful sights of the province but also make their tummy happy!

Tnuno Grill and Restaurant

(“Tinono”or “tinuno” is a local dialect word of the Ilocanos which means cooked over fire or on charcoal like barbecue, banana cue, fish or vegetable).

REIMAGINED. REDESIGNED. REINTRODUCED. Get ready to experience the all-new Broil King® Baron series for unmatched cooking performance and versatility. From 3 to 5 burner models, the Baron™ series is designed to suit small and large gatherings of hungry guests. Broil King®’s legendary cooking system gives you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill and in any style you desire.

Do you want something Special @ Tnuno Grill?


Honey Mustard Ribs

Try these hot honey mustard ribs with a delicious sauce known as Georgia Gold! Sweet and a little spicy, it's the perfect compliment to pork ribs.

The Perfect Drummypops only @ Tnuno Grill


Chicken drumsticks are a great grab-and-go appetizer or pot luck item fully equipped with their handle. Wrapping the head in prosciutto (pruh·shoo·tow) locks in moisture when grilling them and adds a salty savory tastefulness!

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